Jose Employee Spotlight

March 23, 2018

Jose became a member of our Accent Coatings team in August of 2017. He has become one of our most dependable and productive lead painters. Jose enjoys his job and looks forward to working around the city and making new friendships on all of his project. His favorite movies are Forest Gump and Castaway, both starring Tom Hanks, and Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. Jose’s favorite restaurant is El Calamares Mexican Restaurant, and he enjoys seafood, especially Bubba Gump shrimp! When he is not aimed in on painting for us, he enjoys the outdoors, especially hunting. One of his special talents is his bow shooting abilities. Jose has a wife, Angela, and three daughters, Emily (9), Elizabeth (6), and Victoria (2). They are truly his whole world! Jose’s favorite sports to watch are soccer, American football, and baseball. His favorite sports teams are the Colts and TALA F.C. (soccer). To stay on top of everything, his favorite tv show is ESPN Sports Center. Jose’s dream vacation is to go to Jerusalem! We are thrilled to have Jose on our team! He helps us tremendously as we aim at our target of continuing to make Indianapolis beautiful one job at a time!